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Pistachio and Orange Blossom Tarts

It’s been a really long time between posts I know…  All I can say is that my fascination for food has led me down a rabbit-hole and I’m now 1 year into a Nutrition PhD! So I’ve been in the lab more than the kitchen of late.   Thats said, it was my birthday this month and I love nothing more than strawberry tarts, pistachios … Continue reading Pistachio and Orange Blossom Tarts

Lamingtons with Raspberry Cream

Happy Australia Day !  As I’m feeling a little left out of the celebrations this year (my friends are already sending me photos of BBQs and sunny beaches) I have decided that this week’s recipe should be an Antipodean classic, the humble Lamington.  The lamington is the most Australian dessert I can think of, appearing in childhoods all across the country. Loved by Australian families, … Continue reading Lamingtons with Raspberry Cream


I love to eat; if anyone knows one thing about me, it’s that. This is why, as a nutritionist and a model, I find it infuriating when people judge me for polishing off a chocolate milkshake, or ordering a burger with fries. These things make me happy; they are part of the joy of eating. Green smoothies packed full antioxidants, bone broths and steamed broccoli … Continue reading THE IMPORTANCE OF SLOWING DOWN AND ENJOYING YOUR FOOD

Just because Christmas is over it doesn’t mean festive desserts have to be!  So today I’m sharing a decadent tart to brighten the week. Enjoy, Katie x   Christmas Tart Cooking time: 40 minutes plus prep and construction time Serves: 8-10 Ingredients Pastry 140g spiced biscuits- I’ve used 12 speculoos and 5 ginger nuts 40g butter 100g flour 1 egg 1-2 tbsp. water- this depends … Continue reading

Candy, Spiked and Poisoned Apples…

It’s that time of the year again, the perfect excuse to dress and up feel like a kid!  As adults, we may no longer be welcomed trick-or-treating, but why let the kids have all the fun?  Personally, I’m planning on making these devilishly tasty Halloween candy apples, and dressing up.  Why no make a batch and join in on the festivities, children and adults alike! … Continue reading Candy, Spiked and Poisoned Apples…