in bed.pngOne day  as I walked though the Condé Nast building en route to my casting at Glamour, I lingered at the doorway to Gourmet and realised something—I wanted a job at the wrong place! My romantic daydream of writing new recipes and taste testing tuna tartar—all while impeccably dressed in vintage Dior mind you—was merely footsteps away. But alas, into Glamour I went and Gourmet has since woefully departed. And though my daydream never transpired, this has.

This is my journal as a nutritionist, model and cook, of running to castings whilst getting distracted by the colorful food markets I pass along the way, my stories of planning dinner parties from the confines of the makeup chair, and my confessions of why cooking is my love. This is my journal through the world of food, fashion, and everything in between—hello Food Network!